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Bahay Bangungot

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"Bahay Bangungot"

Pen and Ink

24” x 24”


"""Bahay Bangungot"" is the opposite of a loving household. Where you should be feeling comfort, you'll find fear; and when one seeks warmth - cold. It aims to describe how a child exposed to this kind of environment perceive things as twisted, broken, and how it overwhelms them to the point that it leaves them empty. An experience like this is a monster factory that will only breed means to a continuation of a cycle of neglect, hatred, and trauma."

Aldous Reyes is an Illustrator and poet from the University of the Philippines - Diliman, College of Fine Arts. He is currently a 4th year student in the Visual communication program. His works are mostly illustrations and poetry that centers around storytelling - exploring issues, culture, and experiences. He grew fond of using ballpoint pen as it allows him to draw wherever he is as long as he's got a journal with him. Curiosity is a fuel for Aldous to discover and explore different forms of art in hopes of using each of its fundamentals to develop his art style and to broaden his perspective of things.