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Sal Ponce-Enrile


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24" x 36" x 1.4"

Acrylic on Canvas


In the English-speaking world, most people are familiar with Bella as a given name for a woman. But “bella” actually takes its roots from Italian, where it means “beautiful.” The latest 24 by 36 inch acrylic painting from Sal-Ponce Enrile entitled “Bella” is thus aptly named: It is beautiful to behold. Against a primarily white backdrop, Sal uses bursts of feminine color like pink, yellow, and light green to create an abstract scene that is inviting to the eye. The painting is not only evocative of beauty in general, but of the feminine beauty that is difficult to capture, and even more so in abstract expressionist form. Any collector would be remiss to not have such a bella painting in their collection.