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Khriza Pamtaleon

Break from Reality

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" Break from Reality "

Acrylic on Denim Cloth

20" x 28"


"""Break in Reality"" No place to rest, dust and fire are all that's left. The unseen tears she's been hiding and fighting all alone are all because of being cared no more. My painting is an invitation to take a short break and look at our suffering world. The mask symbolizes the face of the Earth which we see at first glance. The face that most of us does not consider anymore, for the reason that us, human beings, are too busy obliterating and using nature for our own needs. I'm hoping that the moment the viewers come face to face with this painting, will be the time that they will start seeing the reality in it. Because we too, cannot pretend to be healthy in a world that is sick."

Khriza Pamtaleon, Visual Artist Khriza always dreamed to own a museum full of her paintings. As a child, she found her ability when she began making flipbooks from scratch papers, she never knew that this would be the beginning of her journey as an artist. Khriza was recognized when she joined in different art contest in her school. She started joining Art Contests since she was 11 years old. After Grade School she entered Highschool at Greenfield Montessori School and had been discovered by the teachers. Khriza is now a member of Parola Artist Group that's why now she is able to feature her talent as a painter. As she entered the Group she had been joined to exhibits that showcase her paintings since 2020. She is a young artist from Baras, Rizal and currently studying at URS Morong to pursue her dream as a Civil Engineer."