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Crystal Tranquilino

Daily Bread

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Crystal Tranquilino
"Daily Bread"
Oil on Canvas
36" x 48"


"This piece is one of my most personal works. It is of my father sitting in his usual spot where he eats his breakfast before heading out to work. He is reading the newspaper just as the 8am sun hits the window and lights up the scene. A view I see almost every day. A daily routine that I have watched through the years. But in my painting, everything around him is slowly disintegrating, as if they were made of wax and melting under the heat of the morning sun. This is to represent the passing of time. Almost all of the objects under the sunlight are in mid- decay, all except for my father. It's as if one can plead with time, to spare those that matter most."

"The bulk of my conceptual process happens even before the moment I pour the liquid substance—usually milk thickened with flour—on my subject. The viscosity, opacity, color, and texture of the liquid is planned accordingly, the recipe changing with every painting to visually express my emotions and the story I want to tell on my canvas. I use a thicker pour to communicate a heavy burden, a vibrant liquid to give importance to an object, or a deep red translucent syrup reminiscent of blood to signify a rebirth, and so on. While these qualities of the liquid are something I can manipulate, the act of pouring it over the subject to form interesting patterns is entirely out of my control. That brief moment of surrender in the pouring phase is a crucial part of my creative process. As an artist, it pulls me back from my perfectionism and allows me, even for a moment, to be the viewer and spectator of the art." - Crystal Tranquilino