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Bernard Cabugnason

Dali and Sunflower

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"Dali and Sunflower"

24" x 24"

Oil and Acrylic on Canvas


Within this canvas, a mesmerizing dance unfolds between two icons of artistic expression: Salvador Dali and the sunflower. The vibrant and majestic flower radiates with an untamed force, seemingly springing forth from the very heart of the earth. Its joyous presence is both soothing and uplifting, a testament to the endless bounty of the natural world.

Meanwhile, the surrealist imagery that surrounds it, bathed in shades of muted blue and gray, conjures a sense of depth and wonder. Here, the clocks melt, and the eyes float, free of all constraints. Strange and mysterious creatures emerge from the shadows, beckoning the viewer to explore the unknown.

"Dali & Sunflower" is a canvas that captures the essence of imagination, inviting the viewer to delve deep into the realm of possibilities. It speaks to the human spirit's endless curiosity, a call to journey into the depths of the mind and discover the magic that lies within. A true masterpiece that transcends time, it is a must-have for those who seek to awaken their innermost selves and explore the world of the surreal.