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Grace Yutuc

Exploring Her Inner Soul

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Grace Yutuc

"Exploring Her Inner Soul"
Acrylic on Canvas
24" x 36"

A woman who thought she has everything she needs but deep inside a voice whispering incompeleteness of that thought.Keep asking herself who she really is and what she wants to fullfill in life. she gets deeper with her soul embracing the most important things in life, intouch with her reality. She mind mapping the things that inspire her, Then seeking things that would inspire to seek pleasure and motivation. To find the true essence of life she lives in. She don’t mind even if its slowly progress, she still appreciate and happy exploring her inner side. Her inner soul.

I'm a late bloomer artist. I had never dreamed of becoming an artist, never imagined that i could draw or paint. Outside the usual art classes that we had to do in school while i was young. But while experiencing anxiety and depression at some phase in my life, i wanted to do something new. Having poured out all my heart and emotions into my first piece, i felt so much better and at peace with my self and surroundings. I felt healed, and have never felt better. I can honestly that painting is my best medicine. I'm just new, and im trying my best, still exploring, and willing to learn a lot more.