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Ovidio Espiritu Jr.


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Ovidio F. Espiritu Jr | Family

Acrylic on Canvas

36" x 18"



"This is the reflection of beautiful life of the family that have colorful surrounding and to show care."

Jun Espiritu came to the fore in 1975 as a watercolorist,painting people in Angono,Rizal and their daily activities of fishing and farming.His earliest work shared many qualities with the subject and style of Carlos "Botong" Francisco and Jose Blanco but painted no drama and told nonstory in them. In 1995 the year he began anew ,Espiritu became interested in painting figures of family life, mother and child, lovers, scenes of harvest and market life in vibrant colors. Evident in his early paintingswere the accentuated big hands and bowed bodies of figures. In 2020 ,Espiritu began incorporating variousarreangements of triangles, arcs, circles, undulating curves, spirals, whirlpools and other assorted shapes in his figures pieces as seen in his paintings, Harvest, which echoes the geometric patterns earluer espoused by Gustav Klimt. "Studying the sorroundings help me createwhat insee around me. "Epiritu points out "The colors and composition tha I put in my works are the products of my imagination and observation of nature. Fishes, Fishing, Women, and Mother and Childwere some of his own other known series. Jun Espiritu was one of the founder of the Angono Artist Association in 1978 and became Presidentin 1989. He judged in different photography and art competition such as in Camera Club of the Philippines, Department of Education, Robinsons Land Corporation, Planters Bank among others. He conduct also Summer Art Workshops and art tutorials. (Kayumanggi Art Series, Bibliographies of Philippine Visual Artist by Jane Stangl)