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Ryuji Buenaventura

Gojira Millennial Era

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Ryuji Buenaventura | Gojira Millennial Era

Acrylic on Canvas
30" x 40"
This piece deals a new century "King of the Monster" in supernova color of destruction that appeared in the year 2000 Godzilla series.

The Visionary “Imagining The Impossible” and a self taught artist specializing in abstract and expressionism painting. His artworks are spontaneous with expressive in his use of vibrant mixtures color and chromatically-shifting fields of textures. His subjects range from pure abstractions to interstellar scenes, synergy between flora & fauna and nature of the human figure. He believes in art as a boundless medium that mirrors yourself and connects you to others. He also fascinated with anything related to dream interpretations, surrealism and transcends reality.