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Ninotchka Arreola

Late Bloomer 1,2,3,4

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“Late Bloomer 1,2,3,4”

Silkscreen Print on 220 gsm paper

19“ x 12” (w/ frame)


Price: 2,800 Php / Per Pc.


Ninotchka Arreola or St. Ninotchka is a graphic designer, illustrator and printmaker. Freeing herself from the confines of corporate employment, she allows herself to get lost in her art; to answer to no one else but her impulse to create. She draws inspiration from her religion, spirituality, and the beautiful monotony of daily life. Originally a digitalartist, it was a challenge to produce something physical without spending much. Hence, she developed a style inspired by flyers and posters scattered on the streets, the ones that say "PozoNegro" or "FemaleBedscaper". Just black ink on ordinary paper, but striking enough to catch your eye.