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JB Ortiz


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Charcoal on vellum



"""Ang kabataan ang pag-asa ng bayan"" Our national hero, Dr Jose Rizal's iconic line. It's very often to use as a theme since it's always and always be relevant. To achieve this broken dreams of ours, we need helping hands to fix us, teach us, guide us and love us. We need each other. ""LET US LIGHT"" this world to bring a brighter future."

"JB Ortiz (2005, Baras Rizal) JB Ortiz is a self taught pencil artist. His interest in art starts from a very young age where he draw his childhood toys, characters from pogs and stickers and favorite shows. He states, ""Drawing is satisfying, I can connect to people without saying a word."" When he's making an artwork, first he thinks about what he wants to tell, then express it with his pencil, paper and imagination. His artworks express feelings and deep topics that hard to say through words. He draws realistically but with twisted reality. Right now he still exploring, learning,and experimenting with this style and medium. ""This is art, that is art, those are art lol""