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Chap Saguinsin


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Oil on Canvas



Marvic E. Saguinsin, also know as “Chap Saguinsin”, Born on September 30, 1989. A Businessman, Musician and a young Artist from Angono, Rizal. A Graduate of Business Administration Major in Management from the Philippine School of Business Administration. Though his profession in the line or field of Business. He has strong Fascination in Arts. Chap got his skills from his Mother who is a Fashion Designer. Growing up with a Designer, it influenced him to love arts. As a young child, his mother taught him to draw first, from shapes to simple images, combining colors, he developed his Artistic Talent and it was very noticeable that he has a very natural and strong artistic potential as a kid. However, he never invested much in fine arts skills but instead, he channeled his artistic impulses through music (Drums). Overtime, his interest and passion in art always comes back, he again started practicing drawing and painting, focusing first in Grisaille Arts, using graphite pencils, charcoal, Gouache and watercolor. Chap also prefers working with Acrylic and Oils on Canvas to provide rich textures and rich tones in his artwork to give his painting a strong and detailed representation. Painted in a very naturalistic manner, with vibrant colors and realistic figures, deeply inspired by natural lightings of photography images.