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Maan Premacio

Mother and Child

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"Mother and Child"

Acrylic on Canvas

24” x 24”


My art piece represents mother’s love; unconditional, unwavering and endless. Her love is something that never dies even it grows day by day

Maan Premacio I Maan is a Registered Medical Technologist, Certified tattoo makeup artist and a self-taught acrylic and oil painter.  She worked in healthcare and corporate industry for 13 years combined. Her passion with art has always been there and this year it just grew and became a full time artist. Her abstract works with bright pop of colors complemented with ethereal palette summon a joyful and emotional response. Her style is nuanced by a range of inspirations, including family, state of emotion and sometimes scenery. The personal edge that Maan brings each painting alters and enhances recognizable subject matter, cultivating an imaginative visual experience.  This year she joined the following exhibit; Philo-Poem at M.A.D.S. Gallery, Milan, Italy    b753e5ebe180/artist/maan-umotoy-premacio Anthropothokos at Sentro Leona Galeria Museo Habang May Buhay at The Blanco Art Gallery Connecting Pieces at Mgallery Manilla Rise at Art Anton Gallery Nature at The Blanco Art Gallery Certain Flows at Mgallery Toys to the World at The Blanco Art Gallery Received an award;       Power of Creativity Art Prize given by Contemporary Art Curator Magazine. Let's remind each other of how positive thoughts can be a key to bring joy to challenging experiences we meet every day and be mindful of the things that we should be thankful for."