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Jefferd Guesdan

Our Mother Land's Plea

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“Our Mother Land's Plea”

Acrylic on Canvas

24”x 36”



This artwork is a reflection of our modern day society , it's tells and shows how our laws and how our government's action bring us to what we are today. It shows how justice is no longer at it's justifiable action towards the our people and that we ,our own freedom of choice blinds us from seeking the truth and that we more tend to believe in false information thus burying the facts into the abyss of nowhere like an empty desert. The people we choose to lead us controls and regulates our freedom making us a puppet to their hands and selfless actions that only benefits the few. These cracks may leads us to a total break down of our own nation and we must to stop it from breaking. Our mother land is pealing of care and need of saving, for us and for the next generation to have a better future.


Jefferd Guesdan is an artist based on San Jose del Monte Bulacan and graduated from Bulacan State University Sarmiento Campus and had taken Bachelor of Secondary Education major in English. As an artist he is fond of magical creatures and conceptual art, he is uses acrylic paint, watercolor, and sometimes gouache paint to most of his wet medium artworks. He started on dry medium with mostly pencils, color pencils and ink. He uses symbolism in his artworks to tell something to the world and at least express his ideas and emotions to it. Jefferd is a traditional and a digital artist, As a digital artist, it give him opportunities in some ways where he can sells his artworks and as well take commissions for illustration for books, book covers or just a small project for illustration, he also he do concept art and original characters and he shares most of his process on how he does his artworks whether it's traditional or digital to his YouTube channel, Facebook page and TikTok account. He is also a part of some art groups like guhit pinas, artist lounge, Sining biswal, and creative hands, he is a proud member of his small group called kulay Sapa. He is a former teacher at Santo Niño academy and and a former employee at Sykes international ,now as a freelance artist he uses his talent in arts to sustain and support his family by taking commissions and small projects one after another and as well as taking shows on galleries with his small group Kulay Sapa. Jefferd is striving to have a name in the art industry and as well as to be a full-time artist and to share more about Philippine mythology through his artworks in a modern and in a different points for view.