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Gemart Ortega

Quench your thirst

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“Quench your thirst”

Acrylic on Canvas

24”x 18”


Gemart Ortega (B.1990/ Philippines) who studied Fine Arts at the University of the Philippines-Diliman, professes an affinity for popular iconography. He always makes it a point to create a sense of happiness, innocence, and camaraderie in his works through child like humans. The innocence of childhood and security brought about by much-loved toys are at the center of paintings by Ortega with the former basing his work and fantastic characters from imagination. Also presents his sculpted and custom toys in two-dimensional works as he goes back to his younger days when anime and Japanese superheroes dominated his afternoons, with a longing for toys he cannot buy and making his own. Embracing weird, alien-looking creatures as the central figure also appears to be non-human underscores the escape into happy childhood fantasies and make-believe. Gemart Ortega is no stranger to strange yet charming works. Taking us back on the blast from the past, gathers different pop culture icons of the generation while still being true to his trademark stoic expressions. Ortega proves that referencing pop culture symbols is not enoughan artist has to put his own narrative and artistry in itIt is as if both the characters he painted.