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Don Verano

Respect & Love

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Don Verano

“Respect & Love”

Acrylic on Canvas

24" x 24"


A Direct Analytical Cubism in style masterpiece showing how men take care of nature in different ways, Rendered in expressionism style, different figures in every block rendered in artist expression in every inch. Direct analytical cubism is another new style in which the though is already readable in the painting. Here you can read the words Respect & Love.


Don Verano is a graduate of Bachelor of Fine Arts at Technological University of the Philippines. A Figurative Artist who also knows Cubism, Realism, and Abstract. He uses his Direct Analytical Cubism as his style or technique most of the time; Keen on every details. Don also had won several Art Competitions; National and International. One of the Non-Representational Finalist in GSIS last June 2021 , grabbing the Juror's Choice Award 2 times in Tarlac National Art Competition, and he won as the 3rd prize winner in Robinson's ARTablado National Competition. Recently, Don Verano is actively participating in various exhibitions.