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Bryan Casio

Right at the Edge of Decision

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Bryan Casio

Right at the Edge of Decision”

Acrylic on Canvas

24” x 24”


"Bryan Casio believes that every person has a unique surge of energy that flows through them and that this unique surge is the key for better communication & understanding. His work demonstrates the unwavering surge of invisible energy in every person and gives it form. The artist, who also goes with the moniker, "The Hungry Cashew" sees himself as an observer and expresser."

This different way of spectating people aims to advocate every state that a certain can feel at any given time, and that judgement cannot purely be physical. This idea is emphasized in his work by consciously omitting the expressive organs in one's portrait, and forces his audience to look beyond what is normally seen. In this series, he puts himself as the subject and reminds himself of how much truth and reality he has seen in this world and how he chose to look away and face them. This abstraction aims to remind people about different perspectives that lead to different decisions—to always act upon the truth and not letting every opportunity to change go to waste.