Pollyanna Dee


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Pollyanna Dee |Rise

18 X 24
Mixed Media & Digital Giclee Print on Hahnemühle Fine Art paper
This piece reflects the strength that we hold even during our most vulnerable. Showing there's a certain beauty and strength in showing true emotions, the good and the bad.
Pollyanna is a 25 year old visual artist and freelance illustrator based in Manila, Philippines. Most of her works are inspired by the concept of subtle emotionality, highlighting the beauty and strength of vulnerability and human emotions. Her work often displays a mix of abstract elements blending in with the subject matter creating dreamlike surreal pieces. She uses mixed media and digital tools as her mediums for visual storytelling. She believes that art can catalyze discussions around untouchable topics. And Art's capacity to transform, heal and strengthen. She seeks to highlight how it is pertinent that we acknowledge our inner feelings. She took up Certificate of Fine Arts majoring in Visual Communication in the University of the Philippines. And has started to participate in group exhibitions and Art fairs Internationally. She recently started to exhibit works in MADS Art Gallery (Italy), The Holy Art (UK), Boomer Gallery (UK), and participated at the International Contemporary Art Fair of Luxembourg 2021 represented by Van Gogh Art Gallery.