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Denise Heredia

Sea Green Sea Horse

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Denise Heredia

Sea Green Sea Horse
Mixed Media on Canvas
12" x 16"
Starburst Mixed Media on Canvas 12 x 18" 2020

The artist recalls a trip to Ocean Park one time and choosing the sea horse as one of her favorite sea creatures. This work represents that, life under the sea and all the beautiful elements of it.


Stradling painting and sculpture, Denise Heredia’s Childhood series are highly textural paintings that appeal in principle both to the senses of sight and of touch. Comprising of plain single-color backgrounds with deeply furrowed regular, parallel lines that continue to the painting’s edges, and colorful heavy impastos hurled instinctively to create harmonious compositions which break the regularity the parallel lines provide, her paintings are dynamic and exuberant, and provide a contrast between order and joyful chaos, reminiscent of the opposing energies of childhood which oscillate between willed obedience and playful spontaneity. Viewable from every angle, her haptic paintings work with the direction and intensity of available light and the position of viewer. Theoretically, with their high reliefs and deep inclusions, one never sees the same painting twice, as viewing them in different lights and different vantages will always provide a new experience. Ever fresh, they are a wonderful metaphor for childhood’s vigor and unabashed youth.