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Miguel Emmanuel Borbor

The Maidens of Virtue

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“The Maidens of Virtue”

Acrylic on Canvas

24”x 36”



These are maidens who teached me on how we should lead our people. This was just an orientation in our area that was led by 3 girls who are advocates of good governance/leadership. The first girl implies resilience. The second girl symbolized strength and the last one is being vigilant.

Miguel Emmanuel Borbor is a self-taught artist who lives in Pulilan, Bulacan. He believes that "art is a powerful instrument of expression". Borbor love joining painting competitions and he used that as a platform to explore his style . He loves doing portraits for he believes that the face says it all expressions would give something to the viewers of his art that mostly tackles about social issues.Upon growing in the province of bulacan he slowly tried to go out of the box of usual portraits of perfection he tried to explore different styles. Borbor's really willing to play with his creativity and bring out the best in himself that he uses to create pieces out of his curiosity, feelings, perceptions and story. He is a winner of various national competitions and now he will now give his best in doing personal works and dedicated himself wholly in every canvas.