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Rafael Torrejon

The Process of Anxiety

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Rafael Torrejon | The Process of Anxiety

Pen and Ink on Watercolor Paper

31"x 21"


Everything and anything, when received all at once, tinkers in our minds; leading to the
indecision of what is to be and of what should have been. Embodied by the hooks is the cycle that leaves us confused and clouded, paralyzed to choose the path we are supposed to take. Unless we are willing to navigate to decisiveness, the process of anxiety will continuously resurface. Are we ready to find our paths or are we content in staying in our individual states of uncertainty?

"Emotion is a complicated yet beautiful spectrum in our brain, more so in the person's heart. It gives us an opportunity to feel it in a body of work or even portray it to others. Showing emotion is the foundation of my art, it is what I cannot speak out in works but through my hands and the language of my skills. Through time, I have witnessed different emotions that I cannot say to others which silences me. Whether it is loneliness, sadness, or even anger these are my inspirations to create pieces that project what I have felt in the moment. I cast these emotions through characters or subjects to which the audience can relate through self-portraits or made-up people. This deepens the meaning of the art more than just expecting them to recognize what it means by just looking at the piece. My works give curiosity to the mind of the audience that creates realizations of themselves and what they experience as well. I want to show people what I feel and reflect upon theirs, I want them to think about what my art feels for them. My artworks are personal moments in my life that I journalize by drawing. I am silent, but what I do makes me speak up to everyone." - Rafael Torrejon