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Aann Reynales

The Sinner

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“The Sinner”

Oil on Canvas

18”x 24”



In looking at the works of Aann Reynales, one will have to ask himself to be as percipient to the elements as one is to whisper. The unhinging gaze of a bear, surreal appearance of a wee chocolate, or the anthropomorphic cat effusing ambiguity are part of a complex yet subtly portrayed interaction of metaphors that must not be overlooked for the simplicity of their composition. Aann works with the female psyche and experience with the desire to invigorate women to reclaim themselves. She draws from a well of self-awareness that is society, allowing her to create nuanced images of being a woman. There, begins a contemplative pulse to recognize the existing hostile currents. There, starts the journey toward self-acceptance and tending to one’s wellbeing. There arises redemption.