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Tisha Paculba

Through The Looking Glass 5

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Tisha Paculba

Through The Looking Glass 4

Acrylic on Resin

5" x 3" 


“My artworks focus on the self, how I learned to perceive myself to deflect the narrative assumed by people from my surroundings. What I am pursuing with my artworks, is the reclaiming of my narrative by allowing myself to change how I see my surroundings through reimagining my peers, into greenery and foliage. This space of thought is where I play with emotions and creativity from making my representations. Making use of phantasm to express my own narrative has a certain amount of control and power that allows her catharsis for story-telling.”

We as a society are continuously looking for a glimpse of individuality in a system of life where we expect to fulfill the mold that sustains hegemony of the material world. The sculptures I create fully embodies my individuality through its intricate details and physicality.”