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Angela Brazal


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" Tranqheal "

Acrylic on Denim

20” x 28”


"""TRANQHEAL"" Nature heals us in every way, mind and body. But we don't reciprocate, instead we give damage. Leaving hollow cracks and chopped off parts in a still sculpture made by its Creator, similar to the focus of my artwork. They say if you put someone on a pedestal, you honor that person as you might a piece of valued art, so here you see a sculpture of a man that symbolizes both man and nature for they are both damaged by the pressure of time and modern world, healing together in tranquility. Life and beauty growing from within and up towards a full moon that symbolizes the peak of growth. We keep convincing ourselves that we can help heal it over time, but what if there is not enough time? Often we forget that the world is already running out of time to be healed. So with my art, I want to remind people to be still, be one with nature and heal. -Angela Brazal"

"Angela Brazal is a still learning visual artist from Tanay, Rizal. She first found her passion for art and music at a very young age, exploring several hobbies ranging from drawing houses, cartoons and anime to playing the piano, violin, and ukulele. She officially started pursuing art in 2017 when she rediscovered her love for drawing house portraits in the form of miniature watercolor paintings. From there, she was a self-taught artist working with acrylic, gouache and watercolor, and improving her art style which is hyperrealism that she mostly likes to use in her miniature still life paintings, until she was given the opportunity in joining Parola Artists Group in 2021, she started getting used to painting on bigger canvases. Recently, she became one of the core members of Parola Artists Group and has been actively learning with other young and inspiring artists ever since."