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Mercerized Cotton

8.8" x 8"


This piece zooms into a specific part of the warp and weft of patterns in the Kankana-ey male dress. There are two common geometric symbols featured: the "matmata" and the "tiktiko." The "tiktiko" are the zigzag lines that span across the piece, represent mountains, where the rice fields are. The diamond shapes that look like eyes are called "matmata," meant to signify both abundance and harmonious relations with the environment: they imply the constant presence of their ancestors with the eyes, and also stand for grains of rice and the way it nurtures the overall community.

" This collection of Ululay's work is largely inspired by patterns from Northern Philippine indigenous textiles. The effort to combine the age-old practice of crochet and the meaningful symbols from these patterns is borne out of the artist's own indigenous roots. The textile patterns included in the pieces mimic the Mountain Province "tapis," "wanes," and the ceremonial "bakget.""