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Bianca Cruz

What Holds You Together?

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Bianca Cruz | What Holds You Together?

Acrylic on Canvas
24" x 36"

This piece represents what keeps a person together in times of darkness, chaos and emptiness. In order to grow and create a world where it embodies the ideal enlightenment, satisfaction and higher being of oneself. Transcending into a period of holding things together in order to grow and create what we have been suppressing during those dark times.

Bianca's paintings are driven by intense emotion and experience based on the psychological aspects of an individual. The human psyche is mostly the core focus of her paintings. Having an interest and studying a course of a minor in psychology. Bianca incorporates the mentality of the human mind visually. Using bursts of colorful acrylic paint to define and texturize the effects of her work. It brings out the intensity and grit about the message of her paintings. Encompassing a multitude of feelings, expressions, darkness, craziness and depth on what goes on in our mind.