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Katrina Liao

Who Will I Be Today?

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Katrina Liao

“Who Will I Be Today?

Mixed Media, Acrylic, and Oil on Canvas Panel

20” x 24”


"I am a self-taught artist. I paint faceless and abstract portraits because it shows the reality and feelings of people. "

I don't know what my purpose in this world. Is it my fault for being constantly afraid and second guessing myself? Is it my fault for being weak? I don't mean to give everyone a hard time. I too am struggling with myself. I've grown to take the brunt of everyone's anger. They say to find positive things in life. Should I let myself be the punching bag if it means everyone will feel better? Is this how I cope with the hand I'm dealt with. Is it too hard to love someone like me? I have lots of love to give if given a chance. Sleep is my only escape from those questions that burden my mind. What is my real purpose in life?