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Jonabelle Cacho

You're Meant To Fly

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Mix Media

5.9” x 7.8”


"TITLE: YOU'RE MEANT TO FLY Birds have wings to fly and humans have dreams to succeed in life. This artwork I made is to inspire us to never stop chasing our dreams but to continue pursuing it. Just how birds keep flying to catch worms in order to survive and for how birds are flying to witness the most beautiful mornings in the world, people have dreams to succeed and have capability to turn the dreams into reality. Furthermore, people have strength to explore and live life to the fullest and to change some things in life that'll be worth it in terms of turning the impossible into possible one. For the viewer of this artwork, if you think you can't chase your dreams, if you think you are about to stop, and if you meet your downfalls use them to raise you to infinite heights and just think of a birds flying like they have no limitation and be like them. Do not give up your dreams but give up everything that weighs you down because YOU'RE MEANT TO FLY. Artist: Jonabelle Luna Cacho"

JONABELLE CACHO Jonabelle is a visual artist from 2019 up to the present. Pandemic made her realized that she has a big potential in the field of arts. While studying in Greenfield Montessori School way back 2018, she became a face painter in Just Kiddos Hosting and Entertainment Service in Tanay Rizal to have an income that will support her education. Jonabelle also became a band vocalist of The Playback Band, online seller and a tutor with several elementary students which are her source of income up until now. The artist made some commission artworks, and two of that artworks reached Jeddah Saudi Arabia and Arizona U.S.A. She used different meduims to create an artworks such as graphite and charcoal pencils, color pencils, water color, poster and acrylic paints. The artist is a third year college student taking the course of Bachelor of Science in Office Administration in University of Rizal System Pililla Campus. She is a consistent Dean's Lister and became a President of the organization Pililla Office Executive Administration where she hold a first and second year college students of the said course. In this year, Jonabelle became a part of the Parola Artist Group where she can enhance her skills in the field of arts. To sum up, Jonabelle is a working student while pursuing a dreams to be a professional visual artist."