Artist Submission Form

SHOW ENTRY INFORMATION RULES AND GUIDELINES FOR ENTERING CAMBRIDGE ART ASSOCIATION SHOWS (Revised August 2020) 1. All work entered in or exhibited in a CAA show must be original, produced within the last five years, and be for sale. Artwork sale price cannot change after acceptance. 2. The same piece of artwork may not appear more than once in a Cambridge Art Association exhibition.* If you enter a piece into a show and it is not accepted, you can enter the work into as many shows as you like, until it is accepted. *If work is accepted and exhibited, the piece cannot be presented into another CAA exhibition for two years. 3. There is one exception to rule number two. Work exhibited in a Cambridge Art Association juried show can be featured again in a Small Group Show (or vice versa). 4. Members cannot organize or be involved in more than one members’ curatorial exhibit in a three-year period. PREPARATION AND PRESENTATION 5. Work must be presented in a professional manner with a viable means of installation. CAA will not accept work with clip or sandwich frames, broken frames or dirty mats. 6. Work should be prepared with secure d-rings, wires, etc. NO SAW TOOTH HANGERS OR CLIP FRAMES. (Specific to University Place Gallery – All artwork must be wired, with picture framing wire, or have D-rings for hanging. If submitting 3D work, artists must be responsible for bringing pedestal over to University Place Gallery for the duration of the exhibition. 2D work cannot weigh more than 15lbs. 3D work cannot weight more than 100lbs.) 7. Due to infrastructure concerns and limitations, we do not accept any ceiling-mounted or ceiling-hanging artworks for exhibitions presented at the Kathryn Schultz Gallery and the Charles River Speedway Gallery. 8. Giclee reproductions of original work will not be accepted. This does not apply to inkjet-printed photographs. 9. Canvases need not have frames, but should have clean or finished edges and be wired for hanging. 10. All sculpture should be accompanied by a clean pedestal. CAA maintains a limited number of display pedestals, and you must contact the office in advance of drop-off to secure a pedestal. CAA cannot guarantee the availability of pedestals. 11. For accepted video work, the artist is responsible for providing all necessary display and viewing equipment, including, but not limited to: display monitor, DVD player, USB drive, mounting hardware, remote controls, batteries. 12. Prices/values submitted with artwork cannot change upon acceptance. All artwork must be available for full length of the exhibition (Artist may not pick-up work early from any exhibit). DROPPING OFF EARLY, PICKING UP LATE, SALES 13. Please note this policy change: In extenuating circumstances, we will attempt to be flexible with CAA members regarding early drop-off or late pick-up of artwork. Please notify the office in this case (by either calling 617 876 0246 or emailing Please do not just stop by to deliver artwork outside of the scheduled dates and times – we cannot guarantee that staff will be on hand to assist you. Please take note of artwork delivery and pick-up days before submitting your work to an exhibit. 14. If you do not pick up work from a show on the scheduled date, you will be charged a $15 per week storage fee. Work unclaimed after 90 days becomes property of the CAA. Failure to pick-up or to remit payment for late fees will impact artists’ ability to participate in future CAA opportunities. 15. Effective September 1, 2018, CAA takes 33% of the total retail price for Artist Members | 40% of the total retail price for Associate Members | 45% of the total retail price for Student Members | and 50% of the total retail price for Non Members (Open Juried Exhibitors), before the 6.25% MA tax of any piece sold through the exhibit (as the seller, CAA is responsible for the 6.25% sales tax) at the time of the showing, and up to three months after the show has been taken down – if the piece was seen at UP or KS. All artists that sell artwork will be issued a W9 – payment will not be given until the form is received by the CAA Office. 16. In the event of a sale of artwork exhibited online, artists must deliver or ship their artwork to the Kathryn Schultz Gallery as soon as possible. Artists will be notified of a sale by staff. LIABILITY Artists participating in Cambridge Art Association exhibitions assume all responsibility for their artwork, in the event of any damage or loss, resulting from any cause. CAA is not responsible for work that is damaged in any way or for the loss of work by fire, theft or any other means. University Place and the Kathryn Schultz Gallery are secure environments, but all responsibility rests with the exhibitor. All work valued at $7500 and above must be accompanied by proof of insurance or notarized release of liability. This must be submitted prior to installation of any exhibit. PUBLICITY CAA mails postcards uses social media platforms/email blasts through Constant Contact and printed ads in Art New England and Artscope Magazine. We encourage all artists to reach out to their personal mailing lists to promote exhibition featuring their artwork. The CAA reserves the right to photograph accepted works for publicity purposes. Suggested show listing as following for resumes/CVs: “Cambridge Art Association Presents (Title of show) at the Kathryn Schultz Gallery or University Place Gallery (whichever gallery work is presented in). And CV listing “Show title, presented by the Cambridge Art Association: Kathryn Schultz Gallery/ or University Place Gallery”