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Cheyzer Manalo

Ang Prinsesa ng Parang

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Cheyzer Manalo

Ang Prinsesa ng Parang
Acrylic on Canvas
36" x 36"

This piece depicts my own memories as a kid how grew up in the province where in rich and vast fields were my playground. Anything around nature, I made it as my DIY toys and accessories, pretending as a princess and the whole fields as my inherited kingdom.

Nature as her usual subject, Cheyzer Manalo draws inspiration from her deep faith with our Creator. The visual dynamics of birds, flowers, fireflies and subtle colors brings the positive message inspired by scripture verses. She ensures that there's always a positive or lighter side in her work to inspire and bring hope. She brings a new take to realism approach and adds her personal intuition to present an almost whimsical work of art that are relatable and timeless. She is a licensed nurse by profession but her love for the arts can be traced way back in her toddler years. She is currently a full time visual artist doing art pieces for private collection, art exhibitions and various art-for-a-cause projects.