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Macky Tadique


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Macky Tadique
Oil on Canvas
48" x 60"


"Fathers are a pillar in our home, they are the ones who support their family even if they feel tired. They will do everything for their loved ones. Through their work they are able to provide well for the needs of their family, this alone makes them happy. Whenever there are upcoming trials in life they know that as a father they need to remain steadfast no matter what the circumstance may be."

Macky Tadique is a self-taught artist and portraitist. Slowly but surely, his passion for visual arts started in middle school years where he devoted most of his time to studying portraiture and sculpture. Being able to capture the original resemblance of his models became one of his stepping stones in mastering his craft. Back then, his main medium was primarily charcoal yet later on he learned to use acrylic for his portraits. Taking a leap of faith and determination in making into the contemporary art scene, his professional career as an artist had flourish within a short period. In 2019, he was allowed to exhibit his works among the rising contemporary art galleries in the metro particularly Art Betina and R Gallery. His recent exhibition was entitled “Alter Ego” in which he showcased modern re-interpretation of iconic classical paintings.