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Pat Frades


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Pat Frades

Air Dry Clay, Die Stone on Wood
7.5" x 7.5" x 10"
Brainwave is about letting go of what I can't control and just create what's on my mind. Seeing the news about the pandemic can be draining and, sometimes, I lose the sense of what's next for me. 
With this piece, I feel connected with myself and my art style.

Pat Frades (b. 1993) is a self-thought visual artist known for her whimsical polymer clay sculpture pieces. Her body of work comprises dainty life casts of hands, feet, and mouth, perched on top of raw wooden bases and each made more offbeat by the bursts of bright-colored blooming mushrooms and corals. Pat has always been fascinated with mushrooms and corals— its astonishing growth, strange beauty, and the way in which it co-exists with nature.