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Wool and Acrylic Yarn

5.5" x 6.5"


The bakget is used by Kankana-ey women to tie the tapis around their waist. This particular design is from the ceremonial bakget (as opposed to the daily wear, which sports a different design), worn during feasts and rituals. The bakget shows the "sopo," another common symbol found in most of the tribal dress, which represents a flower. The depictions of flora and fauna often signify fertility and wealth.

" This collection of Ululay's work is largely inspired by patterns from Northern Philippine indigenous textiles. The effort to combine the age-old practice of crochet and the meaningful symbols from these patterns is borne out of the artist's own indigenous roots. The textile patterns included in the pieces mimic the Mountain Province "tapis," "wanes," and the ceremonial "bakget.""