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Hannah Aguinaldo

Cruel Comfort

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Hannah Aguinaldo

“Cruel Comfort”

Oil on canvas

24" x 24"


This piece tells the viewers that too much comfort can be a trap that may hinder them from making any real progress. Though it is tempting to stay within one's comfort zone because it remains safe and free of the unknown, this piece shows how the subject clings to her safety and is stuck within it while in juxtaposition, her surroundings grow around her like the teeming plants and the butterflies free from any worry


Hannah Aguinaldo, (b.1998) creates whimsical paintings usually depicting memories, dreams, and surreal subjects. She adds elements from nature and everyday objects to her art, blending reality and magic. In her younger years, she wrote avidly in her journal and this old habit she now executes through her paintings. She paints as if she is writing a half-remembered dream, a childhood memory, or even a mundane yet colorful afternoon at home. She graduated at the University of Santo Tomas with a bachelor's degree in Fine Arts, Major in Painting back in 2019.