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Romer Pavilando

Family Portrait

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"Family Portrait"

24" x 32" x 2"

Acrylic on Canvas


This painting holds deep personal significance for me, as it represents the story of my family. In my dreams, I see a complete and intact portrait of my family, in stark contrast to the present circumstance of my parents' separation. The characters in the painting serve as a representation of my family members, and the piece expresses my yearning for us to be whole again.

The withered tree surrounding the members symbolizes the finality of the situation, with no chance for new growth or leaves. Though difficult to accept, this is a reality that must be faced. Sometimes, I find solace in dreaming of a happier time, while at other times, I turn to art as a means of expressing my longing and melancholy.

Romer Pavilando is a creative artist who has been passionate about creating since a young age. He enjoys experimenting with different materials and media to bring his ideas to life, and loves creating characters based on his own experiences and perspective. With a degree in Bachelor of Fine Arts, Romer is determined to establish himself as a renowned artist and create beautiful works of art for the rest of his life.