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Allecca Adarna

Fragaria x Ananassa

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Alecca Adarna | Fragaria x Ananassa

Acrylic on Canvas (Framed)
12” x 12”

I'm going to Strawberry Fields Nothing is real And nothing to get hung about Strawberry Fields forever

Alecca Adarna (b. 1996) is a self-taught abstract and resin artist who lives in Manila, Philippines. She states, "My art is a colorful web where colors and cells interact to keep the viewer in a playful atmosphere of exploration and imagination." Adarna reveals an alluring perception of space and depth through a psychedelic interplay of organic shapes that suggest earth, water, and sky. The forms emerge, coalesce, overlap, and release with effortless grace. They embody the dynamic forces of nature and our connection to its miraculous energy and diversity. As a child growing up in the province of Cebu, Adarna displayed signs of innate artistic talent in both painting and sculpture. She would join art clubs till she moved to college in Manila, where the continued support she received from her family cemented Adarna's confidence and desire to explore her creativity which has expanded and evolved. Adarna's exhibitions include those in Grounded Artists Network, Artistree Gallery, The Grey Space, Knock/Knock Gallery, and Kurit Gallery.