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Connie Leah

Gathered Courage

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Connie Leah

“Gathered Courage

Acrylic on Canvas

12” x 12”


"Connie Leah Fantilanan-Jalem is a self taught Impasto-impressionism artist. Mainly having nature and women as my subjects Flowers as her favorite subjects, the colors, the strokes and the drips are her escape to balance life as a working mother. She uses palette knives, brushes, spray bottles and, even does finger-painting with oil or acrylic."

This piece conveys courage and being positive in any situation. Always finding something good in everything that is happening in our life helps deal with any situation in life. Courage is a choice, as is happiness. There may be times when we feel desolated and hopeless, but as in so many ways, flowers can lighten us up, make us smile.