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Jen Valdez

Ika-10 Utos

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"Ika-10 Utos"
24" x 24" x 2"
Oil on Canvas

"Ika-10 Utos" is a poignant and powerful artwork that captures the essence of the human spirit's longing to escape from difficult circumstances. The painting is a striking exploration of the extremes of poverty, abuse, discrimination, and injustice and the ways in which these experiences can shroud the human spirit in darkness.
The central figure in the painting represents a person trapped in a hopeless situation, surrounded by darkness and uncertainty. The figure's outstretched hand symbolizes their intense longing to escape their circumstances and find a way to a brighter future. The faint light in the distance represents hope, a beacon of possibility that shines through even the darkest of times.

Sarah Jennydict Valdez, or also known as “Jen” by most people, finished a bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts major in Advertising back in 2018. Working as a legal assistant during the week, Jen tries to create balance in her life through doing art during the weekends. She is currently a member of Tanglaw Artist Program and Kampo Sining, which both aim to help the community and the younger generation in honing their talent in the arts not just in the technical aspect but also their ideologies. Jen Finds fulfillment in creating works that resonate with the current issues of the society. Her goal is to be an advocate for the oppressed and the marginilized masses.