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Jet Rai

Psyche 1983

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"Psyche 1983"

Gicleé on Canvas

42.7" x 21.9"


Jet Rai’s Psyche Series (2020-2022) is the 21st century technicolor Rorschach, each digital composition inviting the viewer-participant to be engaged and find what the mind is open to perceive. On one hand, they are pieces of the artist’s psyche and soul searching during the early years of the pandemic; on the other, an invitation to revisit and revisualize the confusion and isolation, spiritual torment and renewal, the hope and creativity that is such a familiar experience to all of us. As a whole, the abstract series tells the story of a soul, and explores a variety of color tones, moods, dreamlike and surreal juxtapositions of shapes and repeated elements creating more harmonies and images, or even patterns that suggest movement as in last century’s Nude Descending a Staircase, No.2 by Duchamp. ~Peter Solis Nery, Carlos Palanca Hall of Fame

Jet Rai is a self-taught mixed media and digital abstract artist. Born at Santo Tomas University Hospital in 1982. He is a model/actor and crypto trader/investor by profession. He finished Adult Psychology at Penn Foster Academe in 2005 and Entrepreneurship at Founder Institute in 2015. He is an idealist and a dreamer who constantly writes as a hobby and plays competitive basketball for sports. He is also a loving husband and a responsible father of three. Ever loyal in Art, he founded ArtExpands in 2016 to support and amplify the Philippine art scene and be a crusader to the world’s art integration with the blockchain technology. ArtExpands’ private facebook group is currently at six thousand strong. Jet Rai is also the founder of Prosiriti Legacy NFT, est. 2022, a future-oriented art agency which aims to promote its invited artists on a global platform and more importantly, to protect the legacy of its invited artists through blockchain technology to ensure that their descendants or assigns are assured of royalties and other forms of passive income due to them. He has been making art since the late 90’s. His works have consistently been a fusion of different inspirations which draw from his personal credo, poetry, the visual art canon, idealism, and innovation. In 2016, he started exhibiting his paintings at Secret Fresh Sky Gallery, Art Anton, Mono 8, The Artologist, Artè Pintura, J Studio, Art For Space & Urban Chic Galleries, Terminal 240, R Gallery, Kaida Contemporary, Galerya Amalia, and Espacio Manila, among others. His works were a fusion of poetry and abstract expressionism. Calibrating his works brought him to two other art techniques: Light and Space in 2018 and digital art in 2019 through his digital trip series, which were largely fractal-based works which drew on paintings from the established canon, architecture, and the natural world. By 2020, he has refined his digital works and is among the first to create and publicize painterly digital art which he calls as the “Psyche Series.” In 2022, he has recombined his Light and Space influences with his Abstract Expressionism through his first NFT works, which he calls ""Crème de la Crème"", which were minted by PROSIRITI LEGACY NFT. What excites Jet more than philosophy and innovation in art is the depth and element of surprise from fellow Filipino artists that may one day skyrocket proudly into the world's spotlight. As an individual in the field of creation, he aims to be more complex, influential, and revolutionary.