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Jun Tuplano


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Oil on Canvas

24”x 36”


Rosalio “Jun” Tuplano Jr.’s works are amazingly fascinating, undeniably conspicuous. His works are focused on the main subject and no background at all, which makes them peculiar and distinctive. He dileberately covered the whole canvas with just the unusual subject; that makes the painting a Tuplano masterpiece. He is an Electrical Engineering graduate of Bicol University, yet he pursued a career very dear to his heart: To become a full-time artist thanks to his acquaintance to his mentor the master himself, Fernando Sena, who offered him an apprenticeship under his wings. For over twenty years of residing in Metro Manila, Tuplano garnered tons of experience collaborating with fellow artists, exploring different genres and gaining the confidence and enthusiasm to reach his goal-finding a signature style that would separate him from the rest and propel him to prominence. His passion is indisputable. He has a high level of skill that others envy. Tuplano is slowly boarding the ship to success. He has all the tools, experience, determination, and style to make it. Indeed he made the right decision-becoming a resolute visual artist.