Collection: La Fortuna

Nothing quite like the old Latin proverb succinctly states a timeless truism of life: that fortune favors the bold. Some might argue otherwise. After all, if good things came to those who passively waited, why bother trying at all? In many ways, life is a game of chance, and very few of us have the luxury of controlling its course.
But this is entirely a matter of mindset. Because while luck does come to the timid and undeserving, it mostly comes to those who seek it, to those who have a bias for action, and to those who take risks. Accordingly, the more you seek luck, the luckier you get. And once luck starts coming to you through your own doing, it ceases to become a matter of chance, but instead, a matter of choice.
The very act of creating exemplifies this principle at play, whether it be in creative pursuits like art, or more practical endeavors like business. That’s because fortune is found through consistently perfecting one’s craft. Indeed, every piece of art brings an artist closer to producing a masterpiece, in the same way that every failure brings the aspiring entrepreneur closer to success. This is what the upcoming exhibition is all about.
In the Grey Space’s First physical art exhibit, witness this pursuit of perfection through the numerous artworks made by its talented pool of artists. Aptly located in Fortune Hill, one of San Juan’s most serene residential enclaves built by one of the country’s most esteemed real estate developers, this debut of one of the city’s most beloved local art galleries has all the elements it needs to tilt luck and fortune on its side.
Your destiny lies in your hands. This is La Fortuna.