Collection: Creative Democracy I May 2022

Group Exhibition
May 1, 2022

Art serves as force for social change and Creative Democracy features fourteen Filipino artists to explore social issue, bad governance, censorship, corruption, unemployment, and hope.

This exhibition challenges the imagination to create and distribute diverse cultural expressions free of any censorship.

Do we still live in Creative Democracy?

A Creative Democracy is a community where in members are allowed to freely partake on independent development through art. We can write our heart out, express ourselves, paint on the walls of home, and sculpt the elements of the earth to our liking and expression.

Moreover, art plays a crucial role in shaping and renewing our life.

It inspires us to act in moments of disempowerment and discrimination with conviction to bring-forth the promised tomorrow.

Our great nation had our back; a greater risk in pursuit of greater truth. Silence of the truth means death of democracy.
At the time where basic rights are constantly being threatened, human life is disregarded, and freedom is under attack.

Art is resilient and revolutionary. In moments of uncertainty, art allows patriotism to draw strength and courage.

Artists must not be afraid! Creative Democracy is in the hands of those who believe.

Art is courageous.
Art is free.
Art never surrenders.

Jhon Menard P. Pamonag
Jefferd Guesdan
Marrielle Cortes
Lawrence Perez
Ryan Francisco Caslib
John Michael S Luna
Christine Mae A. Callos
Bernardo Braga Oronos Jr.
Patrick Hilario
Miguel Emmanuel Borbor
Kar James

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