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Ascendance I

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Yihua | Ascendance I

Ink and Gold Leaf on Vellum Paper

11.7" x 16.5"


An artwork inspired by the concept of one's pride and ego, and how it serves as a powerful weapon for one's growth, challenging one's views on preeminence.


Jerrick Prince M. Julian is a 21-year-old Filipino-Chinese student-artist born and raised in Metro Manila, Philippines. "Art to me is a gateway; a gateway to my mind, to my heart, and to my soul. But I also believe it is a gateway to its viewer’s emotion, thoughts, and perspective. Seeing other people do art is something that motivates and inspires me to do better for myself. Beautiful creations like land, seas, and people in this world give me the urge to visualize them through my own lens and brush. Yes, I do art because it’s fun but I don’t just do art for fun. I do art because its message is timeless. I do art to show the beautiful side of this world, the little things that spark emotions to people all whilst having the thought of how it may help them if life."
"If the world was my canvas I’d want people to see my art as its point of interest. The element in which they incorporate their views and feelings to. I continue to study my craft and widen my skill set in order to achieve mastery in every art medium. While it is given that achieving perfection is impossible, the chase to perfection is what I value the most. The chase to it, is what gives meaning to the art I create and what fills the empty vessel that I am."