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Rowel Vicencio

Break of Dawn (Soul Searching 1)

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Rowel Vicencio

"Break of Dawn (Soul Searching 1)"

Acrylic on Canvas

24" x 24"


The break of dawn as soul searching 1 is simply telling us from the day we wake up and face the morning we start to find our inner self, we meditate on what things that should be done correctly in your life and where should our good soul be leading to. we always chose what will make our mind body and soul happy and healthy

Rowel Vicencio is a 43 years old painter from Mandaluyong City. He showcases masterpieces that is focus on one's great emotion and pure perspective in life. His artworks are usually themed with social awareness and inner passion with immense sprinkles and splattering hues harmonizing with his trademark of his impression strokes