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Sylvia Gonser

Deep Blue Series 1

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Sylvia Gonser

“Deep Blue Series 1”

Acrylic on Canvas

12“ x 12”


The Deep Blue or the ocean despite in it's vastness is one of the most endangered part of our environment. The coral reefs, which are the sanctuaries to the different species of fish and other marine life is now put into danger because of pollution and human activities. This piece , shows the colorful life under the sea to remind viewers that as humans we are all responsible in protecting and preserving these marine life.


Sylvia Gonser(b. 1967) Ma. Sylvia Torreon Gonser Is a self taught artist from Poblacion Getafe ,Bohol. She is an entrepreneur and a homemaker. Having a positive outlook in life despite of her disability Gonser believed that if you think positively you emit positivity. Her approaches in painting is inspire by nature. Animals, plants and humans in relations to their surroundings. Gonser is an experimental artist. She tried different styles and techniques in rendering her artworks and not afraid to explore more. Art for her is a never ending process. She is a member of Bohol Pop and Baji Art Collectives. She attended 40 group exhibits and counting for more both in the local and national scene. She mounted her first solo exhibit last April 8,2021. She is one among the 19 Boholano Artist to show their artworks at the NCCA Gallery.