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Justine Po

Filipinos' Virtue-Respect

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“Filipinos' Virtue-Respect”

Acrylic on Canvas

18”x 24”


This artwork is about "pagmamano", a Filipino tradition that I hope to see in our future generations. We have been practicing this since time immemorial and seeing this gets passed on is heart-warming.

Justine Po is a contemporary visual artist from Masbate City. She is known for her neon-colored paintings that are influenced by fauvism and pop art. She paints happy things in bright, neon colors as a reminder of how beautiful life is. Justine uses her past for her paintings. She finds the silver lining in her pain and turns it into masterpieces. She usually paints happy subjects, but she also uses painting to address certain issues, such as bullying, mental health problems, crab mentality, and many more. She currently uses acrylic as her main medium, but she continues to learn different media and plans to mix them up in the future. Numerous works of art by Justine were exhibited in both physical and online exhibitions, both local and international. She is also a member of various art societies and communities in the Philippines.