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Ada Panopio

Huling Hapunan

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Ada Panopio

"Huling Hapunan"
18" x 24"
Acrylic on Canvas
 Beauty is more than skin deep. Remove the mask and look within, inner beauty can be created from within. You come across people who exude immense joy, give the least importance to their appearance, have renounced the consumerist attitude, but are still happy and beautiful. This thinking and belief reflect on the person’s outer beauty as well, radiating positive energy and a healthy outlook on life. If you feel beautiful and are content about it, then you will definitely look beautiful outside. Deep down we all know that appearance is rarely going to lead us to happiness, wisdom, and Truth!

Ada Panopio started young as an illustrator and is taught the fundamentals of fine arts in the academe but her interesting life experiences give even much more meaning to every inch of her masterpieces rather than being mere commercial art. Her pallet of striking and sometimes contrasting colors gives depth to the canvas which in turn reflects her emotions of the time.

She is a former graphic artist who is now making a name for herself as a consummate painter in both the local and international art scenes.

A wife and a mother, she is a prolific artist having participated in over 30 exhibits both in the Philippines and abroad since 2019.

Apart from being included in the books, Alphabet of Filipino Contemporary Artist Book by Lander Blanza and Euro Intermedia International: The Gift Beyond Heritage, Heart for Art by Geraldine Vitor-Hernandez-Martens, Ph.D.; Ada is the featured artist in Europe Pinoy Media Network Magazine.

Despite all her life roles, one cannot take the artist's heart from her as she finds refuge with every stroke of her brush.

Her portfolio is not limited to portraiture, realism, surrealism as she is adventurous enough to try other themes and media. You can tell with the message of her works; hers' is something you can relate to with your heart and soul. Proud member of Arte Bauan, Grupo Sining Batangueno at KUNST Philippines and Daloy Likha.