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Theocibie De Vera

Making an Effort

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 " Making an Effort "

Acrylic on Canvas

24"x 48"


"An image of a woman painting her nails as the landscape behind her basks in colors of another day ending. With a towel on her head, she appears to have only gotten out of the shower. Today, we can say, that she made an effort. Does it matter who these rituals are for? ""Making an Effort"", is a piece on celebrating wins. Wins such as waking up, bracing the day, and taking a shower. Mundane and daily tasks that may be easy for some, could be difficult to do for others. It matters greatly to take time to take care of yourself, to reaffirm the things we can and cannot control; and to make the simplest effort to get out of the loophole - which can be done by painting your nails, even if no one sees them."

".Theocibie is a 20-year-old art student residing in Angono, Rizal. Alongside her continuous exploration in art, she likes to work with various mediums to translate feelings, narratives, and scenarios. Her time spent studying art throughout high school influenced her earlier works that center around Filipino arts and culture. In her recent practice, she has been playing with themes on contemporary issues and self-image as a woman in this modern world. She is currently a Fine Arts student at UP Diliman who seeks to hone her skills and craft of storytelling through paintings and illustrations."