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Clarence Anne Umali

Mi Emilio

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“Mi Emilio”

Oil on Canvas



Being in crowded places and highlighting the isolation of my main individual subject brings me comfort and at the same time it gives the viewers the feeling of segregation from society.

Clarence Anne Umali (b.1994) is a self-taught impressionist artist who lives in Manila, Philippines. For her, art is the easiest medium of articulating one’s feelings and/or thoughts, which Umali only fully recognized when she began painting with oil on canvas 3 years ago. Umali stated, “Walking alone along the streets of Manila and gazing at the stars was my inspiration for the mixing of hues and dynamic contrast”.

Making a living out of art was not what she expected the future had in store for her since art was never a word that someone would think of when her name comes to mind. She never joined any art club for exposure nor formal training. The support given to her from her family, friends, and even strangers is the main drive she uses to continue expressing herself in the form of art.