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Jhun Dantes

Samutsaring Kasiyahan, Iisang Pasasalamat

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Jhun Dantes

“Samutsaring kasiyahan, iisang pasasalamat” Book piece

Oil on canvas

30" x 40"


A painting which combine various festivals in one painting that that shows that Filipino cultures celebrated different fiesta but it always showing that we all thanks for all the good things we receives from our god.

Jhun Dantes, exceptionally renders tribal-inspired or cubism (stain glass look) contemporary works that comes in warm hues defines the art works of Jhun Dantes It entices a second look as it captivates you with its beauty and unique elegance. A photojournalist / journalist in profession. Jhun Dantes is a multi-tasking artist who cannot leave his brushes. As he cherish them as much as his cameras. A regular exhibitors on selected venues, more exhibit is coming soon.