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Matt Enrile


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Matt Enrile | Work

Oil on Canvas
24" x 36"

This piece tells a story of most people toiling and sacrificing for family to the point where they would accept any kind of job or enter any line of work regardless of how bad it is or how bad it would make them feel, in an expression of covering their own eyes to disregard the reality and the weight of their responsibility.

Matt Enrile is a self taught artist whose creative production revolves around human behavior, figurative painting, and human lifestyle. He focuses on deeper emotions expressed mostly on a dark canvas — much like a conflict of disclosure of thoughts and rather expressing visually on different scenes. His works mostly focuses on realism using mostly oil paints and on some occasion, acrylic. Inspired by artists such as Francisco Goya and Edvard Munch, Matt Enrile studies various techniques that centers on dark and illustrations and sometimes a juxtaposition of figures and colors to create a balance.